31 August 2010

Old Blogs For The Next Few Days

Apologies - J's PC has packed up and as that was the one I was using whilst mine is being fixed, I'm left with having to grab Kitty's laptop between 6 hour bouts of her MSMing. So what's the problem with the blogs? The problem is all my scripts etc are on J's PC and it's  completely ******.

Do other people have these problems? I seem to recall at BT that every 2 years or so, my PC, despite it's 'self fixing' abilities, eventually got so screwed up that I had to take it to the software guys who would say 'sorry - your software has become unstable' which I assumed meant that it had tried to fix itself so many times that it just got fed up and gave up! A new software install was required and if you hadn't been prudent enough to keep a back-up, then all your data was lost. Luckily, I must have had a feeling that J's laptop was about to expire as I took a full back up of my date the night before - lucky or what?

Unfortunately, J, who is doing her degree course on her laptop, did not and never does. Memory sticks are for films!

Anyway, whilst we wait for Wolfgang, our laptop man Friday to return from his month long holiday, I am reduced to using my iPhone, J's netbook which is  so small I can't even see the print with my glasses on and, as I said, grabbing Kitty's which doesn't have office on it.

So apologies as we try and sort ourselves out. Just to keep you going, here is my very first blog posting - some 550 postings and two years ago ......


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