1 September 2010

Theology and Lasagne

The good news is that Wolfgang (PC engineer) is back and J is making an emergency visit to his house on Thursday with two very sick PCs. The bad news is that of the six PCs we have in the house (yes - I know) only two, J's netbook and Guy's Dell Laptop, are working - the others I could write a book about. Let's hope Wolfgang's trusty screwdriver can do the trick.

But my otherwise fraught day with wonky PCs, my car tyre puncture place still shut, my mobile supplier ripping me off and a huge unexpected bill from the local government office, was lightened by two young men who came to dinner last night.

They arrived with 'Irish Dave'  who has featured in these pages before at the following URL: (http://tomsfrenchblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/death-at-dinner.html and are studying Theology at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For some reason, I'd always wanted to talk to theology students and we had a great chat about their course work and hopes and aspirations following graduation. Amazingly, I managed to behave myself, probably because neither of them were drinking alcohol which limited my intake, which I can't admit to very often!

It was a great night and it was terrific seeing them wolf down J's lasagne and just sit on the terrace enjoying a late summer evening  - they are camping and have been 'roughing' it for the last two weeks.

And that's it - I'm so frustrated with Google's blogging 'compose' editor I can't type any more. It's completely useless and is the reason why I usually write my articles in MS Word and transfer them into my blogging template but as Kitty's PC (just working and no more) does not have Word on it, I'm reduced to typing, retyping and correcting Google's random placement of my words and phrases.

C'mon Google - get it sorted out.

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