28 August 2008

I've Got Insomnia or Was I Dreaming It ?

I cant sleep. That’s why I’m writing this rubbish at 3am when I should be tucked up in bed with the dog snoring. Sorry….I don’t mean my darling wife. Shadow likes company at night so sleeps on the floor at the bottom of the bed….but he does snore !

Anyway, I’m in a horrible, debilitating, downward spiral at the moment. I have to go to bed at 10pm because I’m knackered, sorry, tired. I fall asleep immediately (which is a good thing) but then I wake up at 2.30am bright-eyed and bushy tailed. The next night I have to go to bed at 10pm cause I’m knackered and so it goes on.

The last time this happened I was stressed up to the eyeballs. I had a meaningful job which had its own stressful moments (like - would the clients leave early enough so we could get to the pub before 6pm), my swimming pool was leaking and I knew it would cost thousands to fix it and I’d run out of money for the new house and had to keep slowing the builders down until I’d raised the cash to pay them – this is why it took 5 years to build !

I’m sure this diet thing the family are on also does not help. How can one possibly sleep when one’s body is crying out for food in the middle of the night ? Even Shadow is complaining about the noises my stomach is making. I’ve also come to the conclusion that a couple of glasses of the old vino at night helps. It was probably no coincidence that when the wheels fell off my wagon the other night (I’m on the wagon – get it ?) when Tan came round and we did our bit for recycling by emptying a few bottles, that I slept like a baby. I don’t and wont take pills to help me sleep – sleep is not my problem. It’s the timing and the duration which is the issue.

Like I’m doing now, I look at the clock in my office and think will I get back to the land of nod by 4am ? Will I be a grumpy old bugger again this morning killing wasps for the fun of it and slamming the cats’ tails in the doors ? Or will I take Tan’s advice and read the Guardian on-line. That’ll fix the problem !

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