29 October 2010

The Chilean Mine Rescue

I was going to write about this topic several weeks ago but my views seemed to be in a minority and that put me off. You see, whilst the experts, the psychologists and behavioural gurus, were predicting all sorts of problems when the miners emerged from their ‘tomb’, I felt that it was all a load of baloney.

OK, when they were first trapped, I had concern like everybody else and that lasted for quite a few days when they were out of contact but once they were located and a food shaft was drilled and the full extent of their conditions became known, I changed my view.

These guys were in a cave or mine shaft which was probably larger than a big office. There was plenty of space despite the fact that there were 33 of them and so they had an environment where they could organise spaces for eating, sleeping, praying etc etc. Granted, I wouldn’t have liked to have been down there during those first days when they had no food and were in darkness but once the first shaft was drilled and they were given food, water and light, I would have been fascinated to have been with them and to study human behaviour in difficult circumstances at first hand.

I understand there were a few disagreements in their ‘confined’ space but I suspect we’ll never know the true story not having or understanding the Chilean press – the story as far as the West is concerned is finished – that’s it until the film comes out, which I’m sure will be fictioned up until it’s unrecognisable to those who were down there. 

I’m also sure there were the strong and the not-so strong but there should have been a ready-made hierarchy. There was bound to be a leader or a foreman down there with them and unless this guy crumbled, I would have thought that being the leader during a work shift, he would have carried on leading – I suspect we’ll never know.

But going back to the phsycobabblers who predicted all sorts of mental problems when the miners eventually reached the surface, the only trauma which has surfaced so far (excuse the pun) is that a few of them have said they have no intention of ever returning underground which is understandable but as for them all having deep psychological problems which would take years to abate, did you see them emerging from the mine? Apart from the sunglasses, they all looked and behaved perfectly normally. A few had some dental problems and one had the early stages of pneumonia but generally they looked good, many of them leaving imposed hospital stays within a day or so.   

They look happy despite losing 3-2
And now the miners are playing a football game against their rescuers. Stop press – they lost 3-2.
This story was a godsend for the TV networks and they had to hype up the story using experts to predict gloom and doom but I’m sure most of us never believe an expert when the TV stations are paying for their time and opinion.

And, as we had a happy ending here's a bit of fun .........

See they have started to bring up the Chilean miners? Juan by Juan.

The first task for the Chilean miners after their release is to visit Anfield - to advise Roy Hodgson on how to get out of a bloody big hole before Christmas

Chilean officials have said that they are working out a programme to simulate night and day in the mine to ensure the mental well-being of the men. Why don’t they switch the lights on and off?

Chilean miners haven’t seen sunlight in over 70 days – Big deal…
They should try living in Glasgow!


Allison said...

When they came out from underground, all I could think of was how they probably wouldn't take anything for granted anymore - I don't really see that as a psychological problem though! (Perhaps I have the psychological problem for being too optimistic?).
I can't imagine being trapped underground for THAT long, so I don't think anyone could blame the miners for not wanting to go back down - ever! Seems like common sense, no?

Allison said...

Not to make light of the situation - I'm relieved they got them out! (I say that after re-reading my post and thinking I sound like a world class bitch!). :)