28 September 2010

Sitting Here On WiFi

Just sitting here at one of the very few power sockets in the airport using my laptop. My flight is in an hour so I'll probably have to go and brave the security queue soon.

I planned to get the bus to the airport this morning so that J could go to the mayor's office with our architect (Xavier) but through one thing and another, I ended up driving all the way and so J will have to grab Xavier when he comes out, hopefully with good news.

I'm only allowed 30 minutes free on WiFi at Nice airport which is still a bonus but I expect to be cut off soon but presumably not before they try and sell me a fee-paying subscription which is no good to me - it's over a year since I last flew out of Nice!

The incoming flight noticeboard is 'hors service' so I've no idea if my flight will be on time so I'd better go, get my brother some ciggies, get a paper and head for the lounge.

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