29 September 2010

It's Rainy in Greenfield

The Area Around Greenfield
Sitting here in my mate's lounge looking at the rain outside. Thankfully, we had no plans for today which is just as well given the state we were in last night. Wine is a terrible thing - wish I was a tee-totaller!

J has sent me her shopping list which includes a substance banned by airlines (it's an oven cleaner) so if you read this darling - nice try! And how come someone on a rigid diet wants a bag of chocolate goodies brought back ! Very strange.

Now I must behave myself tonight as I've an early start tomorrow - 9.15am train to Glasgow so it'll be a relatively alcohol free night. Steve wont need to put me to bed this evening like he did last and I  most certainly won't fall asleep under his dining room table which I apparently did last night. I don't remember a thing!

Next post from Glasgow unless I get a connection on the train.

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