26 August 2010

Sorry About The Language, But ....

This post is short and concise.  It’s about the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

I’ve no interest in BP at this juncture. I don’t own any shares in the company directly although my pension fund probably does but the shares will recover so that’s not a problem. What is, is the detail of some of the claims coming out regarding the oil spill and which are being considered in the US courts.

Now I have no objection to those who suffered directly from the oil spill claiming some recompense, the fishermen, the cafe and restaurant owners and those whose livelihood depends on the highly polluted sea and beaches, but what I do object to in principle is the rash of claims from people who can’t sell their houses (they probably weren’t selling anyway), those hundreds of miles away who claim the smell of oil is affecting their health and worst of all, those, some thousands of miles away, who are now claiming that the pain and injury inflicted on wildlife in particular and America in general is causing them mental anguish. Mental anguish ! Two thousand miles away!

What a load of bollocks! What a load of litigious crap!

And worst of all, America has a system where this sort of claim (the mental anguish one) is actually acceptable to the courts and when worked out at an ‘agreed’ formula of €31 per household, means BP will have to pay some $3 blllion to the US Government!

What a load of bollocks!  Sorry America, I love your country but this is – no I won’t say it again. 

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