14 October 2009

Have You Poked Someone Recently?

I’m not being rude – I’m referring to Facebook where one of the things you can do to alert someone to the fact that you’re ‘interested’ in them or that the last contact between you was quite a while ago, is to ‘Poke’ them.

I’ve been quite a ‘poker’ in my time but my wife thinks it’s all a bit, what’s the word, mmm, predatory. If I poke my mates she thinks I’m becoming bisexual (at best) and if I poke her pals she threatens divorce although her pals seem to think it’s OK – I can’t win! I think the problem is that I haven’t poked her for a while so maybe she’s jealous?

I’d actually stopped poking people due to the hassle I was getting at home and then coincidentally I read that a woman had been arrested for poking someone on Facebook. It appears she’d had a restraining order placed against her forbidding her from contacting this other woman but it seems like the courts took a dim view of her ‘poking’ this other female on Facebook and hence her arrest. Or maybe it was just one of those conservative Southern States where women poking each other is not seen by the wider society as a legitimate activity!

Anyway, the article filled me with dread and had me wondering if any my previous pokings would come back to haunt me. But the offender is in the USA and of course, over there, the law is a bit different so maybe I’m ok to poke around a bit more without the Gendarmerie arriving at the door?

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