10 March 2011

International Women's Day

Quite a few of you will already know that J is running a fundraising project to rehabilitate and educate Kenyan children, many of whom are orphans.

I’m pleased to say that over the past few weeks J has raised over €1,300 to help these kids.

Most of this will be sent to the Isaiah Trust, the registered charity which started the enterprise off, some of it has already been sent direct to Kenya to alleviate a food shortage, and J has started a small enterprise of her own, getting scarves (see picture) sent from Kenya which she sells on to the ladies of the Côte d’Azur. This small ‘business’ supports the people who make the scarves, the market stallholders who sell them, and pays a small commission to the student who sources the scarves and sends them to J. 

J has already sold quite a few of the scarves and by the middle of the year, another €1,000 should be raised to send to Kenya.

I’m pleased and proud to say that J’s efforts down here have not gone unnoticed. We now have regular quiz nights (a la British pub style), there are frequent ladies evenings, lunches and ‘bring and buy’ sales which allows people to get rid of unwanted household items which amazingly somebody else always wants!

And as if to underline her efforts, a local publication celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day listed J in third place after Annie Lennox (who also supports African charities) and Paula Radcliffe the runner (who is a Champion for Peace)!  Of course, virtually every publication has their own list but it’s great that J’s efforts have been recognised. You can find the articles at the URLs below. 

People’s generosity never fails to amaze me. Only last week, a woman who read about J’s exploits arranged to meet her and after hearing what she was doing, handed over a cheque for over €400!

So many people down here, many of whom live privileged lifestyles are looking to help others and when they hear of J’s project, are only too willing to help.

It’s only a few weeks now until J, Guy and Kitty head off to Kenya.

No doubt there will be the usual update when she returns.    

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