10 January 2011

Watch it Guys – The Missus Could Put You in the Slammer

A husband is facing five years in jail after ‘hacking’ into his wife's email. He suspected that his wife was having an affair and read her emails without her permission.

Leon Walker has been charged under anti-hacking laws aimed at preventing identity theft in the United States. The 33-year-old had suspected his wife Clara, who had been married twice before was having an affair with her former husband.

He is alleged to have used his computer skills to gain access to her email account on the shared home computer and discovered a series of emails which confirmed his suspicions that his wife was cheating on him.
When he confronted his wife, she knew he could only have obtained the information he used from her e-mail account, so she promptly had him arrested.

When I read this I thought of how things work in our house. Nobody is allowed to touch Guy’s PC and he probably has an interface and software on it which would render it useless to us mere mortals in any case. Kitty’s PC is used simply for photos and MSN – there’s nothing else on it which would make it useful to a normal internet user. My laptop is still waiting to go down to Antibes to get fixed and so J and I share her trusty Toshiba but with her travelling netbook and her iPad, she generally uses those, leaving me with the laptop.

The thing is, we all know each other’s passwords so if I found some naughty e-mails between J and the security guard at the Cap 3000 mall, whom she probably sees more than me, could I be arrested and thrown in the local slammer? 

Another case of the US laws being a bit over the top or could it spread to Europe?

Of course, it doesn’t help when guys such as me have the delectable Meg Ryan announcing, ’Three little words – you’ve got mail’, whenever something arrives in our mailbox. Get a copy of the wav file at the URL below and copy it to your ‘Windows/Media’ folder usually found on your ‘C’ drive and then assign it to your mail notification sound on your Control Panel.


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