17 December 2010

Frocks - Showing My Feminine Side

Actually, it’s dresses today. ‘Frock’ is a word used by parents, Oxfam shops and probably Glasgow guys who haven’t moved south. Ouch!

It’s confession time. I don’t particularly like Liz Hurley. She’s a celebrity because of one thing and one thing only – ‘that’ dress. You remember the one – it was held together by safety pins and she wore it when she attended the premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ hanging onto Hugh Grant’s arm back in 1994. Since then, she’s made a career out of attending film premieres, escorting or marrying rich men and actually ‘starring’ in really bad films.

But that dress. Magnificent was the only word to describe it - a little black Versace number which fitted her perfectly and which must have sent millions of adolescent boys, and probably quite a few older males, into apoplexy.

It was the picture to the right which caused the press to go wild of course. That tilted back head, those boobs and the fact that nobody really knew her, all combined to catapult her into world stardom – well UK stardom.
That dress was actually voted the ‘greatest dress ever’ a couple of years ago but there may be a new contender for the crown – a dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow last week, also to a premiere in LA.

Designed by somebody called Emilio Pucci (yeah – ok I’ve heard of him), Gwyneth, only second in my book to Jennifer Aniston in the ‘Girl Next Door’ stakes, looked sensational in her little white number, held together by gravity and a few strands of material.

Gwyneth doesn’t quite have Liz Hurley’s body, but at least Hurley wore knickers with her dress (I think) but us fashionistas were too interested in Gwyneth’s fabulous strappy sandals to notice the fact that she didn't have any on, until it was pointed out to us of course!

This is an unusually short, concise posting and is dedicated to Alison in the US who is always complimentary about my blog and who I know loves fashion. It’s also for all the boys out there – if you guys want ceiling sized copies of the photos, just let me know!   

PS – as I was writing this last week, Liz Hurley was busy divorcing her Indian husband and shacking up with the cricketer, Shane Warne. Talk about ‘bowling a maiden over’ – ha ha!

Have a great weekend everybody.

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