24 December 2010

....And Seasons Greetings to You Too

The letter shown was written by a Lib-Dem MP to one of his constituents who had obviously complained about next year's royal wedding and was featured on the Guido Fawkes, political blog site. Nice to see the spirit of 'goodwill to all men' at Christmas being extended to his voters!

Well, that’s it for a few days. Apologies that there have not been photos to accompany J’s Kenya blog but once again, the Google Blog editor doesn’t seem to be able to cope with longer than usual articles when accompanied by photos! Her final two articles will appear after Xmas.

We’re having a houseful for Xmas day and I’m sure we’ll have a ball if we manage to find seats at the lunch table for all fourteen people! After Xmas lunch on our own in 2009, Le Brin will be rocking this year!

J, Guy, Kitty and your's truly wish you and your families a great Xmas and a very happy new year.  

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Steve said...

Hope you all have a wonderful xmas, send my love to every one.

Steve (no 1 son)