12 October 2010

You Don’t Get This in a Newspaper

Well, what I mean is that you wouldn’t find what’s in the URL link below in a paper newspaper or a hardcopy newspaper or newsprint, or whatever you want to call it.

Since I got my iPhone just over a year ago, I can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of times I’ve forked out for a paper in the newsagents. Generally, I would pay my €2.50 for my Daily Mail and then before I got more than a couple of pages in, Ashley and Ian (my lunch buddies) would appear and the paper would be put aside and never lifted again. It was a total waste of money, but now I’m in the 21st Century, I can browse the papers at random and it’s all free on the internet.

Well, not quite. One of my newspaper bookmarks was ‘The Times’ but quite a few months ago they started charging for accessing their pages on the net and since then, I understand their on-line readership has virtually vanished. I noticed the other night they were offering a full month’s access for £1, which doesn’t sound bad but that’s just the introductory fee. I haven’t even looked up the normal charges so incensed was I at them charging for on-line news.

Apparently though, according to some learned commentators, reading the news on the internet will eventually do away with newsprint but personally, I can’t see it happening – not until they have WiFi on the London Tube (underground) and when you’re flying. Then we’ll all be carrying our ‘Kindles’ or ‘iPads’ around with us. Until then, there will still be a market for that horrible newsprint which covers your hands in ink.

Anyway, what I started off saying was that for those newsprint lovers out there, you’d never see photographs like those in the URL below. This is a regular feature in the on-line Daily Telegraph, but some of the articles are better than others – one last week  was ‘Stars Out and About ’, generally female stars caught without make-up which I wasn’t terribly interested in, but last Friday’s feature was amazing.

Have a look and don’t let the ‘body parts’ reference put you off. There’s nothing you’d recognise anyway. One thing for sure – I’ll be putting a copy of picture number 12 in the kids’ bathroom to make sure they thoroughly wash their hair – I’m starting to itch already!  

The picture at the top is the foot of a house fly. Its foot!

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Allison said...

Ever since buying a BlackBerry, I use it for everything! To check email, current events, Facebook, EVERYTHING. It's crazy to think what will end up happening with newspapers, or just the news in general since I feel like most people do have smart phones now!