20 October 2010

Prophetic or What ?

I had hoped that Guy would have read my blog of last Friday when I told the tale of crashing my dad’s car simply because I was too young and stupid to take his advice. Well I didn’t realise that it was all too prophetic.

Guy had been grounded last week because of school related issues earlier in the week. He was supposed to come straight back from lyceé each evening and was banned from using his PC but of course, this regime only lasted a couple of days before he talked his way out of it, insisting he was going to his pal’s house in the village for dinner on Friday night.

I have to say I was a bit dubious about this plan but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Later on, we got a call from a stranded Guy that his scooter had been stolen and guess what, it didn’t have its security chain fitted and was nowhere near the village when it was taken.

For the next couple of days I suppose Guy sweated on the issues of getting to lyceé without his scooter, well I hope he did, because by public transport it’s a pain – a one and half hour journey compared to thirty minutes by scooter.

Thankfully, on Sunday we got a call from the local Gendarmerie saying his scoot (that’s what scooters are called in France) had been found. When we picked it up the ignition barrel had been hammered out and they had cut away his faring to get into the box under the seat – quite a bit of damage but at least Guy was able to run it home. The thieves had also, according to the police, returned the scoot to exactly the same place where they’d taken it which is strange.

So Guy, if you read this – just think why every scoot you see in Vence and even in the village is locked with a security chain. It’s not a curious practice adopted by local yokels – they do it for a reason – the reason I told you repeatedly when you got the scoot and the reason I tell you every time you go out – thieves can take an unlocked scoot in about thirty seconds – put your chain on.  

The Famous San Siro
Now – there’ll be no blog tomorrow. Tan and I will be in Milan for this evening’s Champions League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan at the iconic San Siro, one of the world’s best stadiums and we’ll be travelling back tomorrow morning. No doubt there will be a report on Friday. 

C’mon you Spurs! Pity I’ll be missing the Rangers game on the telly but never mind.

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