7 October 2010

My GrandDaughters

That’s them in the photo – Erin right and Amy left. They are the daughters of my middle son Ross and his wife, Pam. They are my only grand children although Stephen (my eldest son) has been in a long-term relationship with Kim who has a couple of children, so who knows, I might get some more, eventually.
Amy and Erin are just delightful and I don’t see them nearly enough.

You see, Ross is not a flyer and a trip down to the south of France from Glasgow in a car with a caravan swinging about wildly behind it would be a bit of a treck, and with two young, boisterous girls in the back seats, even with DVD players to keep them occupied, it would be something of a tiring journey for all concerned.

And so I see them whenever I go back to Glasgow which is generally once a year but because there was a change of plan last year, it’s two whole years since I’ve seen their happy little faces. And don’t mention Skype - although he’s the technical guru for his mother’s company, Ross is a technophobe at home!

I’m known as ‘Grandpa in France’ and although they were slightly hesitant last Sunday when I first sat down on the sofa with them, within a couple of minutes there were cuddles and tickles galore.

They live in a beautiful part of the country, Uplawmoor, just outside Glasgow, attend a lovely little school, and their grandmother (Fiona - my ex-wife) is no more than five minutes away, where she lives in a converted farmhouse with her husband, and when they’re back from University, her three daughters – so on occasions, there are quite a few girls about the place.

As usual when I visited them, Amy and Erin got comics and sweets and some pocket money for their little jars and I got two pictures welcoming me to their home which are now on my office wall.

Aaaah. I love you girls to bits.

From grandpa in France.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, what beautiful Grandaughters you have and a lovely photo.....they noticeably have a lot more hair than Grandpa though!! Love from Cyprus Cindy xx