10 September 2010

Research Is A Wonderful Thing

This is a rather shortened blog posting today (yes – I’m still without my PC but it's been fixed – all I have to do is write a big cheque and go and pick it up), and as on a few recent occasions, the words will be few, but hopefully, you’ll think the action is good, if not exceptional!

I was talking to a friend’s mother the other day and despite not knowing me all that well, she complimented me on my blog and asked what my motivation was, which some of you will recall, was a way of letting my family know what I was up to. But I also said, that on some of the articles I write, such as the ones on nuclear physics and brain surgery, I do have to do quite a bit of research and I was saying that, sometimes the research takes me in wonderful and unexpected directions.

For example, I was ‘silver surfing’ the other day, doing a bit of research on cars and women’s driving habits when I came across an old video I took of J driving on the road which leads up to our house. It was in the depths of last winter and the road was a bit muddy and a few, old French geriatrics were clogging up the lane when she took matters into her own hands. See her rather impressive overtaking manoeuvre below:

The moral of the story? Don't get in front of J when she's dashing off to the mall!

And then my occasional interest in football took me to an obscure YouTube video of a Greek (?) football match which seemingly is Wayne Rooney’s favourite. Apparently, it is what he thinks he should have done to the Portuguese Ricardo Carvallho, during England’s match in the 2006 World Cup. Although the film lasts over four minutes, you need only watch the first minute of it. See it below:

Moral of the story? Don't play football with the Greeks! 

And finally, I don’t know where I came across the videos of an ‘America’s Got Talent’ artist called Terry Fator. He’s quite an act and as soon as he’d won AMT, he was signed up for a number of America’s biggest shows, culminating in a  ten year contract in one of the big casinos in Las Vegas and reputedly worth $200 million to him over the ten year stint! Not bad for his first, big job! And great for a guy who was just about to give up ventriloquism as a bad job! See his act here, it’s brilliant:

Moral of the story? Never, ever give up.

Have a great weekend everybody. Have I got the day right this week?

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