17 September 2010

The Human Pooper Scooper

Every now and again, there’s a classic on Angloinfo (the ex-pat on-line forum) and yesterday I fell about when I read the latest ‘wanted’ advert. It was for a human pooper scooper. Read the advert and the responses below. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist and posted the final statement.
Start of discussion ……

Probably not expecting many replies to this!
A puppy has just joined our family and we did not realise how much mess one dog could make.
We live in Valbonne and if there's anyone willing enough to come two or three times a week for an hour at a time - we'll pay GOOD money!

Geez! Wait for the dog to get bigger and you will have a real problem on your hands....The bigger the dog, the bigger the poop.

Use nappy sacks, put your hand in and go along and pick it up, once you pick it up turn bag outside in and tie it up put it in the bin. When you take your hand out, if they are scented ones your hand will smell of perfume..... but it is advised to wash your hands afterwards anyway.

The whole concept of paying someone to do this, is very amusing. How much are you willing to pay?

So pathetic - get a life.

OMG are you just going to leave all the poop there the days you can’t get someone to do your dirty work?

If you can't deal with the s**t, then don't take it on in the first place.

This is my ideal job!! I wanted to be a deckhand but now I’ve seen this I’ve missed my calling in life! Please consider me for this position if it has not yet been filled! I have references if you do need them!

What a s**t job!

So what else have I to report?

Nature works in mysterious ways. There we were the other night, just sitting down to dinner when J started to say grace and there it was – a Praying Mantis sitting on the dinner table. PRAYING Mantis – get it ??????

Have a great weekend everyone.

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