20 August 2010

It's All Boring

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself today. It’s still all quiet at Le Brin with just Shadow panting and Coco moaning and meanwhile J is having a whale of a time at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. I’ve been getting texts from her all day interrupting various activities (mainly lunch) telling me she’s ‘been on the Big One’ (the UK’s highest rollercoaster) and she’s ‘going to die’ (wait till you get home darling!) and ‘it was great’ (yeah). And this from the woman who won’t even go on the back of my scooter!

And then I go and get a puncture on my Alfa and it just happens to be the repair the guy did a few months ago so I’ve got the unenviable job of going back and complaining – in French. Still, once it’s fixed, I’ll stop having to pump up the tyre every time I use the car so I suppose it’s been a long time coming. I should have got it fixed ages ago but sometimes these things just fix themselves – but not this one!

My tedium is only relieved by some cleaners I got in to spruce up the house, preparing it for J’s return. It’s amazing to see some Russian girls wearing French maid outfits and I have to say, they’ve taken my strict instructions not to kneel down but to bend over, to heart. It’s costing me a fortune but I might as well die happy! 

And so that’s it – I couldn’t be bothered writing so last night I just watched the Red-Bull X-Riders championship held in the shadow of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. You can see some of the highlights at the following URL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do4OjTTBdRA) and whilst I was looking for it I found a guy doing what was described as the world’s scariest bike ride. Now this one’s good because the rider has a camera on his helmet – it’s amazing. It even amazes him that he completes some of the tricks as you can hear when he makes them. Anyway – have a look – that’s it from me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrbSRLiIdOk).

And finally, if Tan (who’s in Cyprus) reads this having managed to get some sort of internet connection – yes, I have cleaned your pool. Boy – you owe me big time!

And no – I haven’t forgotten the picture.

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