13 July 2010

Revenge On The Creepie Crawlies

Apologies for the late posting but I have my relatives with me and my PC is knackered again so my priorities are somewhat changed. However, my priorities have not changed regarding the extermination of creepie crawlies, in particular wasps, and the title above is not a mistake. Last week’s post was about ‘Revenge “of” the Creepie Crawlies. This week it’s my turn.
Since the weather turned hot, those pesky wasps have been lying by the poolside sunning themselves and then dipping into the water making it sometimes impossible to get into the pool by the steps. Generally, they don’t bother you as they’re there just to get some water for their nests (presumably) but they’re a pain all the same.
There was a programme on TV last week about nasty things like snakes and wasps (prophetic don’t you think after my snake bite?) and it portrayed them (the wasps) as industrious home makers, hell bent on looking after their queen and the larvae in the nests they build from paper.
Our wasps have decided to set up home under the roof tiles and it’s but a short flight down to the pool to get their water. I can only assume, given that the programme did not cover their water carrying instinct, that they need the water either to feed the larvae or to help turn the wood pulp they gather from trees and bushes into this paper material which they mould into the most fantastic creations for their nests.
Now my brother is due here for a week’s holiday (he’ll have arrived by the time you read this) and he hates wasps even more than I do, running about in circles like a demented loony bin patient whenever he sees one, so I had to take some action.
First, a nest had been constructed under the pool umbrella and I couldn’t imagine him having a peaceful, relaxing break down at the poolside when a wasp’s nest was about 2 feet from his head and so the other day I took action. Getting the pool brush which when extended is about 12 foot long, I stood beside the pool, poked the nest until it fell off and then I dived (dove ?) into the pool, staying under as long I could.
I poked my head above the surface and the little buggers were there in a cloud, just waiting for me. Under I went again and swam (swum?) to the other end and stayed there until they gave up and headed for their brothers and sisters on the tiles. Job done!
But then in the following days they increased in numbers around the pool to the extent that I was sure that Robert wouldn’t be able to have a swim without a full wet suit and diving mask on so on Sunday morning at 5.30am I crept up onto the roof with a deadly wasp poison, not generally available, and scattered it over the tiles. I did not see a single wasp – I assume they were all sleeping.
On Monday the wasps seemed to decrease in number but some of them were still sunbathing by the pool so I reckon I need to go back on the roof and squirt the poison up the tiles and get them but I’m still plucking up the courage cause I hate  wasps and they hate me. Wait for the next bulletin.

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Allison said...

Ugh, I've gotten stung by wasps so many times and I have a ridiculous allergic reaction - I'm very glad you're fighting back against them! I hope it all works out well for you :)
I laughed so hard with that YouTube video you sent me - I could not understand a word that guy was saying. It's unfortunate because he's just so good looking! Were you happy that Spain won the World Cup or were you rooting for the Netherlands? I was so gutted after Portugal and Argentina got the boot that I didn't even care who won. (Is it sad that I didn't care as much when the US got beat?).
Good luck with the creepie crawlies, Tom!