30 July 2010

Lost For Words

Well, I'm lost for words today - there's nothing to talk about. I suppose I could have mentioned yesterday's lunch at Le Pergola with Angie's mum where the cold water vapour spray seemed to be working overtime which ended up with me being soaked. I could have talked about Tan and Angie's huge curry last night but I get the feeling that I'm discussing food too often.

I could talk about my lack of excitement at the forthcoming football season probably because I fear that my team, Rangers, will not do so well given that they've got rid of half of the players who won them the league last year. I could talk about poor old Shadow having hip problems but I don't want to tempt fate - we finally found his 'doggie health book' a few weeks ago and discovered he was actually 12 years old instead of 10-11 as we believed and his type of dog only have a life expectancy of about 13 years.

I could go on ad nauseum about my lack of motivation in tackling the brambles as there's always something else to do - yesterday it was my car, today I'm going down to the coast to pick up J and her sister, but I know that when the visitors stop and the weather becomes cooler, I'll be down there slashing and burning as normal.

I could have another go at the French but as they start their mass exodus on holiday this weekend I'll leave them alone. I'll also try and stay off the roads as the traffic doubles or trebles on Saturday and Sunday as the northern French head south to the coast and the southerners head west, and inevitably there are thousands of accidents. Poor Kitty will lose all her friends as they head off on vacation and she'll mope about the house wondering what to do next.

My weekend will probably be determined by my visit to Carrefour (supermarket) where I'm returning a portable tyre compressor which stopped working after only a couple of months. I'd lost the receipt so there was absolutely no chance of a refund or even a replacement so I bought another one last week and will use that receipt this morning when I go back with the 'old' compressor - the problem is they'll probably offer me another one and what would I do with two identical compressors? C'est la vie.

Have a great weekend everyone.    

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