3 June 2010

It’s Visitor Time

The sun has arrived (at last) and although it’s only warm enough to mimic an early summer’s day in England, it has brought the visitors flooding over.

Debi, who is a perpetual traveler, or so it seems (she says she does 5 days consultancy a month !) arrived on Sunday evening and immediately must have thought she’d arrived in your typical ex-pat, decadent community. It was French Mother’s Day and Tan and Angie were having one of their twelve hour barbeques. I’d had to pace myself in the afternoon so that I could drive down to Cagnes station to pick Debi up but when we arrived back it was quite apparent that sometime during my absence, the champagne had been broken out and the bottles were being opened faster than we could put them in the bottle bin!

Several hours later and after seemingly hours of dancing and group hugs and a bit of the hokey-cokey, I ended up in J’s clothes (I mean we swapped clothes)which I have to say were rather tight on me and despite what my ‘friends’ said, I quite liked the frilly pink sleeveless blouse I had on!

It was obviously a raucous event as I’m covered in bruises and whilst I’m sure these must have come from the rather violent Ceroc dancing we were doing, it might also because I won’t give J back her pink, frilly blouse!

Debi left last night and before the beds in the guest room got cold, two rather attractive young ladies moved in. Sarah, the step-daughter of a friend of mine and J’s (although I’ve never met Sarah – or Saz as her friend seems to call her) and her friend Becky (Becks).

Now Guy’s tongue nearly hit the floor when these two girls arrived. Blonde, gorgeous, bubbly and full of stories of their ‘Inter-railing’ round Europe (Spain and France so far), he sat there, hanging on every word, pouring them glasses of Sangria and generally being a puppy-dog.

For my part, I kept my mouth shut so my tongue did not fall out of place. Anyway – my gorgeous blonde wife would have killed me had it done so!

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