12 May 2010

He’s Gone and Not Before Time

British politics hasn’t been so interesting for years. Not since Margaret Thatcher strode onto the Westminster stage, virtually unknown, has the relatively boring process of governing Britain Plc been so interesting. Of course in 1997, the ever-so-fresh Tony Blair who managed to convince the electorate that here indeed was a new Labour party, shook up the establishment a bit and for a while, even the City was enthralled.

Whatever measure you apply and hopefully, whatever your colour of politics, you have got to admit that the Conservatives won the election (by seats and votes) and by convention, had the right to form the next Government.

Talking to the Liberal Democrats (an oxymoron if ever there was one – what’s democratic about trying to side with losers in the election?) was a normal course of action for the Tories to take, but for a while it looked like Clegg had lost any semblance of decency the British electorate thought he had after the debates by trying to strike up a potential deal with the Labour party. This was akin to (and sorry, this is a football analogy) Man U and Spurs adding their league points together and saying – ‘hey – we won the league’. It wouldn’t matter that Chelsea had actually gained more points! It seems that everything is fair in love and war …… and British politics!

And as for that lying, conniving charlatan, Gordon Brown – he’s off, but not before he tried to ruin British democracy and if you think he’s got dignity by resigning, why didn’t he resign last Friday when both the public and his party blamed him for Labour’s worst election results for decades? The guy has got a skin thicker than a rhino and was determined to prolong his disastrous premiership until the very last second. In some ways, I admire his cheek but then when he stands up and spouts his crap about ‘a fairer Britain’, I’m almost sick.

I’m just thankful that his legacy will be one of an unelected prime Minister who made disastrous mistakes and who messed up the country and deceived everyone, well almost everyone, into thinking he was a genius. Once he’s gone, it’ll all come out in the wash.

And as for Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader – before the fiasco of dashing round and going through the back door to ‘have a chat’ with Brown, I was actually quite looking forward to them having some say in the running of Britain. But for the slimy greaseball to shuttle between both parties prostituting himself and his party to the person who offers the most money and the nicest ‘bedside manner’, is an affront to British democracy.

Call it good negotiating tactics of you like but I liken him to a tart wandering around Whitehall with her knickers round her ankles looking for the richest looking punter.

The picture above is courtesy of the Evening Standard and a great picture it is too. Time to go Gordo – time to go. It’s just a travesty that people have been put behind bars for far less crimes than he’s committed!

And finally, some comments from Guido Fawkes’ blog from fellow G Brown dissenters:

It was the bigot that did it – rejoice!

She (the Queen) will make him wait until Eastenders has finished.

I’m hoping the Queen will stab him with one of her swords.

Gordon still hoping the Queen will decline his resignation.

Champers for me and the Mrs, cod and cream for the cat, steak for the dog and a resounding goodbye and good riddance.

And the best one of all - Gordon who ?

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