16 April 2010

Would You Buy A Used Car From Any Of Them ?

It was an historic occasion. The UK’s three main party leaders slugging it out in front of the nation on live TV for the first time. The indications are that a surprise result is on the cards (I only saw instant poll results last night) but the result is not the main purpose of this post.

No, what if a person neither saw the programme or had ever heard or seen our esteemed party leaders and had to decide on their vote, simply by looking at the photographs above – what would they think?

I am terribly guilty at forming first impressions. I can look at somebody across a crowded room and decide that there is no way I’m going to talk to them. This was a particular problem when I was in sales – how many times did I sit down in front of a potential customer and bite my lip because I couldn’t stand the person – even after only 2 minutes?

And I have to say that generally my judgement is proved right. The number of times, I’ve actually persevered with a relationship, either potential client or potential friend and found out that I couldn’t really stand the person is beyond number. Of course, maybe it’s just me?

Anyway, back to the photographs above – you have to decide who you’re going to vote for and let me say right here and now that the photos are from a ‘neutral’ paper when it comes to political allegiences so nobody is cast in either a favourable or unfavourable light.

Right – candidate number one – starting from the right – a Mr Gordon Brown. Shifty. The hooded eyes tell you that the guy is a weasel and cannot be trusted. The thick hair swept to the side shows a complete disregard for fashion despite the fact that he appears to be wearing a rather expensive shirt. The thick and slightly uneven knotted tie shows a desire to do things quickly even when the world will be watching him. The 5-o’clock shadow makes him appear sinister and the shape of the mouth basically says, ‘don’t mess with me’. The jowelly face and saggy eyes shows someone who has a complete disregard for their personal appearance with the bushy, unkempt eyebrows simply reinforcing that view. Summary – not a person to be trusted.

Candidate number two – in the middle – A Mr David Cameron. Smug and preppy. The swept back hair shows someone trying too hard to be modern. He’s wearing a cheap shirt and the right hand collar is slightly turned up showing that despite the hair and the shaped eyebrows, clothes do not figure highly in his list of priorities. The tightly drawn, thin lipped mouth indicates a certain contempt and that he will prevail – no matter what. The tightly knotted, bright blue tie worn with a dark blue suit shows someone trying to be noticed even if it’s for the wrong reasons. Summary – if I saw him at a party, he’d be last on my list to talk to.

Candidate number three – on the left – a Mr Nick Clegg. Personable, free and easy, approachable. The open mouth and slight smile shows a certain confidence. The well but not over-groomed hair and the carelessly knotted bright yellow/gold tie shows he’s comfortable in his own skin. Summary – looks like a friendly guy and someone you could have a drink with down the pub on a Friday night.

So – look at the photographs once more – who would you buy a used car from?

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Anonymous said...

Seen on Facebook, the following comment:
"Clegg is on fire, Cameron is terrified, Brown is brown". A good summary?