26 April 2010

Sundays Make Me Feel So Guilty

As soon as J said she wasn’t going to church yesterday I knew I was in trouble, so I told her to stay in bed, I took her a cup of tea, cleaned up the kitchen after last night’s dinner party and generally made sure that when she did surface from the bedroom, there would be nothing for her to do all day, which on reflection was probably a bad move. It’s would have been better if I’d kept her busy.

You see, at this stage of the football season when championships are there to be won, promotions are a huge debating point and some poor teams are heading for the trap door of relegation, the TV schedule is just full of important games and the UK, and other parts of the world are full of men quaking in the boots awaiting the fate of their teams.

Now I reckon I have all the justification I need to sit down on a Sunday and watch a game, or three. I don’t have any expensive hobbies such as a boat which I regard as a hole in the water into which you throw huge dollops of cash. I don’t go ‘off with the boys’ for weekends away. I don’t go on fishing weekends and I don’t play golf despite the fact that I have a new set of clubs which have never been used. My passion is football. Dead simple.

But yesterday was a difficult day. I looked at the schedule in the morning and I was sure there was going to be trouble.

First up was the Celtic game – If that lot of scumbags lost, Rangers would be champions and whilst it would be nice to wrap up the title early in the day, my preference would be for my team to win it rather than rely on Celtic losing.

But just before the Celtic game starts (I’m writing this on Sunday morning) there is a Midlands derby between Aston Villa and Birmingham. Now this is a game which normally wouldn’t bother me too much but again there are so many Rangers and Celtic associations that it will make compulsive viewing. There’s the old rivalry between the ex-Rangers manager, Alex McLeish (Birmingham) and the ex-Celtic manager, Martin O’Neil (Aston Villa). In addition, there are two ex-Rangers players and two ex-Celtic players on view.Then there’s the not inconsiderable fact that this is a derby game which means there might be a few interesting ‘tussles’ on the pitch.

Then just as that game ends, Rangers take the field in Edinburgh against a struggling Hibs side where my team only need two points to win the league. C’mon the Gers!

Then just as I will be having a glass of something or other to celebrate a Rangers victory, Chelsea will be facing up to Stoke. I will be desperately hoping that Stoke manage to get something from the games so that Manchester United have a better chance of winning their league.

Now in a perfect world, J would have gone off to church and then decided to go to someone’s house afterwards for lunch. She would have then stopped off at someone else’s house on the way home and would not have returned until about 7pm and I would have had peace, perfect peace, but as it is, it’s a gorgeous day, she’s planning a BBQ for lunch by the looks of it and there’s also a guest appearing later in the afternoon.

I’m just going to have to be ultra nice to her all day and hope she doesn’t notice the six hours of football which will run from about 1.15pm until about 7pm!

PS – Celtic won and so did Rangers so my team took the title (see picture of them celebrating). The Villa-Birmingham game was quite good (Villa won) and by the time the Chelsea game started I was so ‘footballed-out’, that I didn’t even watch it! And that game ended 7-0 to Chelsea!

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