7 April 2010

It Was A Kid’s Day Yesterday

I was up quite early yesterday. It was sunny and warm and perfect for getting all those outside jobs done which I’ve been putting off until we had a couple of days of dry, warm weather.

The stock market had risen again which didn’t really interest me as I’ve sold everything in the run-up to the election so with no financial distractions, off I went to clear up my wood store and do some planting next door.

It was 11 when I remembered that Kitty had a special day and as it started at 12 and she was quite clearly still in the land of nod, I thought I’d better wake her up. I suppose Guy and Kitty are like lots of other kids – they would sleep until their stomachs wake them up, but as Kitty’s day was centred around food, I was sure she’d be awake – nope, not a chance!

“C’mon get up – you’ve got lunch at 12”, I said. It was 2 minutes to eleven o’clock. ‘Ooooohhhh it’s not eleven yet’, was the reply and the head didn’t even surface!

You see, her friend Maeve had won a ‘lunch for two’ in a tombola and the lunch just happened to be at the best restaurant in town – the Auberge du Tourrettes. Two thirteen year old kids were about to have lunch with the WAGs (wives and girlfriends)of the village and Kitty was not about to let me forget it.

‘Don’t think you’re taking me to the village in that manky old scooter’, she said. ‘I want you to get the Alfa out of its winter wrapping, get the top down and take me to the village in that.’ And with that she disappeared into her bedroom to get ready.

Thirty minutes later she appeared in the Armani tailored jacket she’d been given by Linda at our lunch on Monday and she looked a treat. Hair straightened and looking every inch a WAG, she reluctantly climbed onto the back of my scooter and 10 minutes later I dropped her off at the Auberge. ‘Remember – no wine’, I said and left her. I could say I zoomed off but it was more like a putt-putt off!

Just what the Auberge, who normally expect a couple of luncheon diners to spend about 100 euros will do when two 13 year olds ask for a table is anybody’s guess? See Kitty’s latest montage photo of herself above. It’s bad enough that’s she’s precocious – I don’t know how I’ll cope if she’s talented as well!

Then it was back to Guy who, poor thing, has a rotten cold. His scooter has been acting up so we stripped all the farings off of it and looked at all the performance related items. It was great – man and boy, working together on a machine, with me trying to tell him things such as, ‘you’ve got to make sure you put the spark plug in straight’, and him saying, ‘Thomas – I know that.’

Anyway, having cleaned, scrubbed, reset and tightened various bits and pieces, we built it back up and he pressed the start button. Miraculously, in Guy’s opinion and quite expected in mine, it burst into life on the first turn of the starter motor. ‘It’s never done that before Thomas’, was the statement from a boy who obviously had no faith in my engineering abilities.

It’s now 5.50pm and still there’s no sign of the 13 year old WAG. Maybe her and her pal have gone to McDonalds for a Big Mac to end the afternoon’s culinary extravaganza?

Now Nigel’s been in trouble again in New York – find out what he’s been up to at the following URL and watch out for the bad language:


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