11 February 2010

What’s Happening at Le Brin ?

It’s been a busy week. We had Irish Dave staying with us and then had another four guests turn up unexpectedly. The house looked like Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night but they’ve all gone now so I can get back on my X-box and blast a few aliens. The cats are also quite relieved as they no longer find their tails tied together by the marauding 3 year old who never gave them a moment’s peace!

The weather has been quite nice for the last few days so I’ve been doing ‘outside’ work and neglecting all the boring admin stuff such as renewing insurance, fixing my TV subscription etc, but I’m sure there’s a rainy day just around the corner when I’ll be ‘desk bound’.

J, on the other hand has been basking in the glory of an 86% pass mark for her recent assignment for her Degree in Kitchen and Fridge Management. The exercise involved the highly complex task of making sure your pantry drawers were properly arranged with cans the right way up so that you didn’t end up with Senurp instead of Prunes, Snaeb instead of Beans or Eplup Seotamot (Pulpe Tomatoes). Unfortunately, she missed the Denroc Feeb (Corned Beef – see picture) and lost a few marks. I’m sure she’ll recover the lost ground though when she writes her essay on ‘the hygienic considerations of a kitchen waste disposal’. And in case you’re wondering why she’s going through all this stress for a bit of parchment with a coffee stain on it (that’s the degree stationary design), she tells me that it will mean that when she gets her job at McDonalds, she’ll get three gold stars immediately instead of having to work three years for them like everybody else. A good idea I think you’ll agree?

Guy, for his part, has been wandering around in a love-struck stupor, bumping into things as he walks about the house with his eyes closed, murmuring, “Je t’aime, Je t’aime”. At least his latest girlfriend seems to have stopped him smoking which I said might have looked ‘cool’ but decidedly wasn’t. I also reminded him that love-bites on the end of your nose weren’t cool . Of course I did put my foot in it when he told me her name (Tiffany Mauve – no kidding) and I said she sounded like a Hooters Waitress. He’s been to Hooters so he knows that it was actually a compliment but he didn’t take it that way. Oh well!

And as far as Kitty is concerned, she has been an absolute delight recently - well in comparison to the Rottweiler with toothache who used to make our lives a living hell. Renditions of ‘Go Compare, Go Compare’ ,and ‘We’ll Buy Any Car.com. We’ll Buy Any car.com. Any, Any,Any,Any ’, permeate round the house creating an atmosphere of happiness and contentment. Well that’s the case until she finds out I used her best nail varnish to touch up the paint on my scooter!

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Allison said...

Your family sounds absolutely lovely! J sounds hysterical - I do wish her well with her quest for gold stars =) And your remark to Guy about the Hooters waitress is just fantastic! (That is quite that name for a Hooters girl). And I didn't even realize that Hooters was an international chain - I thought only us in the US were lucky enough to have it ;)
Hope you're doing well, Tom!