16 February 2010

Better Late Than Never

OK – it was Valentine’s day on Sunday and I’m afraid my efforts wouldn’t have won any prizes compared to past years. Normally, it’s a tray with Scrambled egg and smoked salmon, fresh baguette with a glass of bucks fizz and a large bunch of flowers served to my darling wife in bed but for various reasons not much of that happened. In fact, none of it happened!

For a start J doesn’t like my scrambled egg anymore – she says I put too much milk in it! She’s also on this everlasting diet so anything I produced for breakfast would, in her Weightwatcher’s opinion, have too many points in it, and as for champagne before lunchtime – sacre blue! I knew she’d be up to go to church as she’s not been recently and to turn up for a dose of religion smelling of booze just would not do. I’d also tried to get flowers but the shops only had a few straggly specimens left on Saturday so that wasn’t on. It was going to be a disaster so I came up with an alternative plan.

As you know J has been trying desperately trying to get me to forsake my small, cheapo bistros for something with stars on the board outside – namely Michelin Stars – so I decided to take her to arguably the best restaurant in the region, Le Moulin de Mougins. They’ve been promoting a €49 lunch so I thought I’d push the boat out and take her there – after all a nice lunch down here will cost between €20 - €30, so the extra for dining in a famous restaurant, headed by an equally famous chef, seemed like a good deal – to a Scotsman!

Unfortunately, all mentions of Le Moulin were met with incredulity and scorn. She simply did not believe I was serious - so nothing happened. On Sunday night when I repeated that I had actually offered something ‘special’ for our ‘special day’, I was met with a blast of invective and various swear words, which, considering she’d been praying that morning, was quite something to behold.

Sanity prevailed however. J cooled down and suggested we could go this week, but as we were scheduled to go for lunch on Friday to another smart place, I said it simply wasn’t on. I mean for a guy on a pension, eating out twice in a week just wasn’t good Scottish economics. But then our friends who were due to lunch with us on the Friday called off and I could see the glint in my devious wife’s eyes.

Being a pretty smart guy, I nonchalantly suggested we could therefore go to Le Moulin on Friday. Well, J did an excellent impression of an Olympic floor athlete, completing several double somersaults and a triple twist as she headed back to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Thereafter, choruses of ‘Love is a many splendoured thing’, came wafting through the kitchen door. Oh I do know how to please a woman!

We’ve booked for Friday – a late Valentine’s day treat. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Le Moulin’s website is below just in case you wish to salivate. Oh – and the picture is of Cupid.


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