22 February 2010

All Socialized Out

Well – we did get to le Moulin de Mougin on Friday and very pleasant it was too. It’s great to receive really good service and from the minute I dropped the car off with the bell-hop (is that what you call them?) until the moment he escorted us back to an already started and heated car holding an umbrella to shelter us from the rain, it was terrific. Even the sommelier took the trouble to explain what the various wines were and seemed really chuffed when J refused the New Zealand white and stated her preference for a Côte de Gascogne aged in Armagnac barrels. The food was amazing and J positively shuddered with pleasure when her starter arrived – see picture (if only I looked like a king prawn !!!). From the moment they served us complimentary glasses of champagne when we arrived until my credit card melted in the machine when I paid the bill, we had a terrific time. I would recommend it. J has already said we should do it at least weekly !!!!

Saturday was pretty much normal in the morning but as we had some people coming for dinner, I was left to clean the house in the afternoon (in between watching the footie on the telly) whilst J shopped for the food. I thought she was a bit longer than normal but didn’t give it a second thought until Linda arrived in the evening and said that she and J had had quite an afternoon drinking champers in the village bar!! What a lush!

Dinner was very pleasant and finished at 2am and it was only when I woke at 8.30am on Sunday did my head try and tell me just how much I’d drunk the previous evening. I wandered (or should it be staggered?) into the kitchen and J, who had risen early to go to church (she didn’t make it) asked me if I would like a nice breakfast. I envisaged a Full English with black pudding, bacon, fried bread, mushrooms, fried and scrambled eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, sausages and fried potatoes. What did I get? A reheated pain au chocolat from the microwave!

In order to clear my head I got my chainsaw out and headed off into the ‘jungle’ to cut some logs. I reappeared back chez moi (??) at just after noon. My head was still a bit ropey and the only cure by that time is a ‘hair of the dog’, so I poured a glass of wine, lit a cigarette and wandered over to the other side of the house to chat to Tan who was walking around his terrace.

No sooner had Tan and I started to chat than J appeared on the balcony, dressed only in a towel and told me we were off to lunch, which was a bit of a surprise, but the biggest surprise was when we reached the restaurant and I saw Tan and Angie and David and Sarah sitting there. It was my birthday treat – although I’m sure I paid the bill! How does that work?

Thereafter it was back to Le Brin, more champers, more cigs, the Spurs game on the telly and then bed at a ridiculously early hour. Hence why I’m now wide awake at 3am and posting this!

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