19 January 2010

You Can Tell A Lot By Website Visits

I reckon that if you wanted to know all about somebody you only need to look at the websites they look at.

Take yours truly for instance. My routine never changes. Here are the websites I visit and the order I look at them first thing in the morning……

Exchange rates – being paid in sterling and living in euros it’s important to watch the exchange rates and move when the time is right. Luckily I can save my sterling and change my money into euros when the rate looks good. I’m pleased to say, last year I got the exchange rate virtually right at the top of the market , probably more to good luck than any expertise on my part. And despite the UK being a financial basket case, the pound is again rising against the euro simply because Greece and Portugal are in a worse state than the UK. I’m watching it! The site I use is OANDA.COM.

AngloInfo – our local forum where you can buy and sell items. Given that I’ve bought quite a lot from it (3 scooters, 1 car and sold 1 car, rented the house etc), it’s useful to see what’s going on. If you want to have a look at it it’s RIVIERA.ANGLOINFO.COM.

Venc e – next it’s the local weather. Despite looking at it the night before, it’s still worth looking at it again in the morning because the weather can change pretty quickly down here and I need to know before I get out of bed if it’s going to pour with rain or be sunny! The site is the Yahoo weather site.

Next, and this shows how nerdy I am, I look at the Met Office satellite weather picture just to see if Yahoo is telling the truth. It has a historical picture going back 24 hours but this shows the bad weather (or the good) moving in, in an animated sequence. Very interesting! The site is at METOFFICE.GOV.UK/SATPICS.

Then FACEBOOK just to catch up with anything one of my ‘friends’ has posted. People now seem to be using Facebook as a Twitter medium and it keeps you in touch with them without all the phone calls. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the Facebook site.

My Blog site – I check for any nasty comments which have been left and post the new day’s rubbish.

By this time I’ve worked my way across my Google Chrome (browser) favourites and then it’s the news. The Daily Telegraph is first, followed by The Sun and then the Scottish Daily Record. I only browse through the papers so it doesn’t take long.

Then it’s e-mail and all the spam telling me that I need to be bigger here and smaller there! And once I've tipped all that stuff into the Trash folder it's usually time to look and see what the stock market is doing.

And that’s about it. So what does that tell you about me?

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