10 October 2008

You Couldn’t Make It Up ……..

Occasionally, you read something which beggars belief. Something which makes the state seem absolutely doo-lalley (or however you spell it). Things like Haringey Council giving the Over 65’s Lesbian Mothers Association a huge grant so they can conduct research into the best way to have hot sperm delivered directly to your door – Sperm R’Us so to speak. Or the Islington Rockforce Street Gang a similarly large grant to allow them to better express themselves with graffiti – all in the name of art and self expression. Or the Haringey Kebab Shop Owners Association a free supply of hand cleanser to establish if it prevents the spread of salmonella, typhoid, C-diificile and dysentery. And what is the Buenos Aires Project grant ? The mind boggles. 

It came as no surprise then to read the following article about some immigrants who seem to have cracked it yet still complain. Now, before you carry on, let me make it clear that I am a well-known right winger, an arch conservative (small c) and whilst I think that replacing all of us who dash off to the South of France with keen, enthusiastic, well-educated immigrants is a step in the right direction, there has to be a limit to the state’s largesse when it comes to supporting them and getting them settled in. So – read on and rub your eyes in disbelief. 

An immigrant mother is receiving £170,000 a year in benefits so that she can live with her family in a seven bedroom house worth £1.2 million. 

Moor Pakora Saindi, who has seven children, has been granted an estimated £400 a week in child and local tax benefits, and also receives £12,458 a month to pay her rent because there is no other suitable property available. Mrs Saindi, who has four sons and three daughters aged eight to 22, approached Ealing Council in west London  after being made homeless. The authority has a legal obligation to find her a seven-bedroom home.The mother, who came to the UK from Afghanistan seven years ago, said: "I always thought the housing benefit was a lot, but I'm told that is what it is for homes like this here." Her son, Moor Cambie Saindi, 20, said although it felt like they had won the lottery, his mother complains that the house is too big to clean. "My mum is not happy because she has to clean all of it. The first day we moved in here we got lost because it was so big."


The Local Housing Allowance, introduced across England on April 7, enables landlords to find out the maximum amount of money available in council coffers before a rent is agreed. Estate agents Foxtons said similar properties command rents of only about £6,000 a month but that this particular property had luxurious en-suite bathrooms and a large south-facing garden. Landlord Ajit Osama Hussein Panesar, who is acting within his rights, fixed a value for his Acton property and ‘advised’ the council what it should pay. Despite asking for £8,000 per month, the council came up with a figure of £12,458 a month.


End of article.


Apart from the fact that I would move back from the Cote D’Azure like a shot to live in a £1.2m house in London (if it was free), why does she need a seven bedroom house? As she has seven children from aged 8 to 22 – why do most of them have to have a bedroom each and we all know it obviously wont be long before she approaches the council and asks for a cleaning lady to help keep the large house clean and tidy. Where is her husband – what does he do ? He probably stays at home to work out the household finances on a council-supplied PC before studying the various grants available to allow them to have even more kids.


Thank god I don’t pay UK taxes. 

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