23 July 2008

Only Another 7 Years to Wait….

Sleepover time. This is when Kitty (and occasionally Guy) invites friends to stay overnight. Most of their friends live miles away so the only time they see each other during the summer school holidays is when they have sleepovers. Kitty’s already been away this week but none the less she wanted another sleepover last night. At about 7.30pm Julie screeched to a halt on the drive scattering gravel everywhere and out jumped Kitty and her two friends. Within about 3 minutes they were changed and splashing about in the pool as Julie, Guy and myself had dinner. After 30 minutes of splashing, screeching and general 11 year old horseplay they emerged from the deep and came up for dinner. Kitty asked me if Drew had been at the house today. I said no straight away and then realised my mistake. Priscillia has a bit of a crush on Drew and wanted to know if he had been over presumably so she could go where he’d gone, sit where he'd sat and generally swoon every time she thought of his presence in the house. A bit crestfallen, Priscillia and the other two girls sat down for dinner and things quietened down a bit. It’s difficult to scream when you’re eating or lovesick !

Drew is Guy’s friend and is a bit of a cool dude….and he knows it. He’s a handsome boy with longish blondish hair and is a bit more mature than many other boys his age which I put down to the fact that his father, a pilot, is always taking him and his younger brother off on trips to Antigua, Indonesia, Australia, Florida and the like. Anyway – I digress. The girls finished their dinner and decamped to Kitty’s room which, like Guy’s, is a complete no-go area when occupied. You have to make an appointment to enter even to clean the mess which generally meets you when you are able to push the door open, usually jammed by dirty knickers, slippers, hair brushes and the general paraphernalia which takes up every square inch of floor space of a childs’ room.

After dinner, Julie, Guy and me all sat down to watch True Lies, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie which features some amazing action. Problem was Julie had already watched the first 45 minutes of it (she had taped it a few nights ago) and being Julie she insisted on starting the movie where she left off so poor Guy had to start watching a great film half-way through. I’d already seen it a few years ago so I knew the plotline but poor Guy had to immediately try and work out who the baddies were and why a nuclear bomb was just about to go off in the Florida Keys ! The film finished and Guy and I sat and watched the first 45 minutes – a rather strange experience.

About 11.00pm we all went to bed (there was no sound from Kitty’s room) and about 5 minutes to midnight our bedroom door opened and there was Kitty still fully dressed and asking if her and her pals could have a midnight swim. I said she could if she put the pool lights on and off she went to a waiting chorus of more screams and screeches as the girls hurled themselves into the pool. About 30 minutes later the splashing noises and girlie screams were still pouring through the bedroom shutters so I thought I’d have a quick look. There they all were, swimming around and as far as I could see they were skinny dipping. I dashed inside, after all the last thing I want is some kid’s father coming round and accusing me of being an English pervert. The pervert bit is ok – it’s the English bit which would upset me ! I asked Julie to have a look and she surreptitiously looked down to the pool area and confirmed that there was little in the way of bathing suits being worn but she’d confirm it in the morning. I went to sleep desperately hoping sleepovers would still be in fashion when Kitty gets to 18 and she brings her pals over.

PS – apparently it was only the tops of the bikinis which had been discarded.

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